Logs and Coals

Here at Root One we have a great range of winter fuels to keep you warm as the nights draw in.

Whether you are heating your greenhouse or your home.
We have a range of heaters for your glasshouses both electric and paraffin. We also stock paraffin to keep them going.

Heating your Home we have an extensive range of fuel to keep you warm.

Softwood Logs – a seasoned bag of logs compiled of mainly soft woods.
Benefits – This is a fairly inexpensive source of wood however you will notice that softwood logs burning duration is significantly less than that of its hardwood equivalent.
Softwood does however burn with a richer flame providing a more aesthetic flame and increased light and can be a great addition for any outdoor fire or firepit.

Hardwood Logs – a seasoned bag of logs compiled of all hardwood.
Benefits – This will burn longer and with a higher heat output than softwood logs with a moisture content of under 35%. It is a more efficient source of indoor fuel.

Kiln Dried Logs – these logs are hardwood logs that have been processed through a kiln to reduce moisture content to bellow 20% this provides an even cleaner burn with great heat output and less sap/resin going into your chimney. These also burn with a greater heat source and are ideal for a log burner or indoor fireplace.

Olivewood Logs – Olive wood is one of the slowest growing wood and therefore is more dense than most common hardwoods used. It too will burn for a longer duration and provide a great source of heat. The final flare of the olive wood log is that it produces a great aroma. This is a great product to have in entertaining indoors with an open fire or log burner and the aroma feels warm and homely.

We also stock Smokeless coal, coal again will burn for a long time with a glowing radiance of heat. They are a great heat source but are not very aesthetic in terms of flames.

Now to really get things started – we have a range of fire lighting options for you be it lighting fluid, traditional lighting blocks or our Favourite Flamers saw dust and wax based firelighters boast a no paraffin and therefore no smell lighting solution that really does work the same if not better.

Log stores also available to keep your fuels dry.