For anyone looking to maximise their gardening area this season, vertical planting is a gardening technique that utilises vertical space to grow plants, making it an excellent solution for smaller gardens. One of the best ways to implement vertical planting is by using climbing plants, we have so many beautiful plants that are simply perfect for transforming walls, fences, and trellises into lush, green canvases.

In addition to utilising space efficiently, there are a multitude of other benefits to vertical planting! Climbing plants add visual interest and can transform unsightly walls or fences into beautiful green areas, many climbers smell heavenly and provide fragrance that everyone can enjoy, they can also provide privacy and shade by acting as natural screens.

Tips for Successful Vertical Planting

Depending on your space, you can use trellises, arbores, pergolas, or wall-mounted systems, ensure the structure is sturdy enough to support the weight of the plants.

Remember to consider the climate, sunlight, and soil conditions of your area when selecting climbing plants, we recommend our favourites and how to care for them below.

Plant climbers at the base of your chosen structure and ensure they have enough space to grow and establish roots.

Guide the plants by training to ensure they grow in the desired direction by tying them gently to the structure, regular pruning helps maintain their shape and encourages healthy growth.

Vertical gardens may dry out more quickly so remember to water consisitently.

Root One’s Favourite Climbers


Known for their large, showy flowers that come in a variety of colours. Clematis require full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil. To ensure healthy growth remember to prune regularly.

In the plant area you will find a wide variety of clematis. Why not treat yourself to not one but three beautiful clematis varieties with a special trio all in one pot, we are particularly fond of the “Trio Pink” which includes the gorgeous clematis “Ooh la la”, “Sally” and “Sarah Elizabeth”. This carefully curated combination gives you flowers from late spring all the way through to autumn, with each variety extending the season so you have colour all summer, perfect for patios pergolas or obelisks.

New to our collection this year is the perennial Saphyra Estrella, a compact variety of clematis that remains under 1 meter in height, making it perfect for smaller gardens. This charming plant features lovely violet star-shaped flowers with yellow centres, blooming from spring to summer.


Wisteria is a stunning garden climber, renowned for its cascading clusters of fragrant, pea-like flowers that drape elegantly from its vines. Typically blooming in shades of lilac, blue, pink, or white, wisteria adds a touch of enchantment to any garden. Beyond its visual appeal, it also attracts beneficial pollinators such as bees and butterflies enhancing the garden’s biodiversity.

This robust and vigorous climber thrives in sunny spots and is perfect for covering pergolas, trellises, and walls, creating a lush, floral canopy. Wisteria requires sturdy support and regular pruning to maintain its shape and prevent it from becoming invasive.

Climbing Roses

Garden climbing roses offer a timeless elegance with their abundant, fragrant blooms and vigorous growth. Climbing roses are perfect for adorning arbores, trellises, fences, and walls, transforming vertical spaces into vibrant displays of colour and of course, scent.

Roses thrive best in full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. With regular pruning to encourage blooming and prevent disease, they can flourish and beautify outdoor spaces for many years.

We have some stunning miniature climbing roses adorning the plant area at the moment, including the “Nice Day” rose that features dainty petals in blends of pink and salmon with the ability to repeat flowers throughout the summer, it exudes a sweet fragrance making it a charming addition to any garden.

Another beautiful miniature climbing roses is the “Little Bronze” a variety known for its unique red-bronze flowers that gracefully fade to mahogany as they age. The Little Bronze rose’s dynamic coloration and abundant blooms make it a standout choice for gardeners seeking to add a touch of elegance and visual interest to their outdoor spaces.


Honeysuckle is a versatile vine, known for its vigorous growth and twining habit that can be trained to climb arbores, trellises, fences, and walls, transforming them into fragrant tapestries of greenery and delicate flowers. Planting honeysuckle is a great way to provide a privacy screening that can help mask unsightly structures or create natural boundaries. Honeysuckle can thrive for years, rewarding gardeners with its beauty and sweet scent throughout the growing season.

Honeysuckle prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil and requires regular watering, especially during dry periods.


Jasmine is well known for its fragrance and is a beloved climber in the garden. Whether it’s the starry white flowers of Jasminum officinale or the vibrant yellow blooms of Jasminum mesnyi, jasmine’s allure is undeniable. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, jasmine serves practical purposes in the garden, providing shade, privacy, and a habitat for beneficial insects. Its vigorous growth habit and resilience make it well-suited to a variety of climates and soil conditions, thriving in both sun-drenched locations and partial shade.

Vertical planting with climbing plants is a creative and practical way to enhance your garden space. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious garden, vertical gardens can bring beauty, function, and a touch of nature to any area. By choosing the right plants and providing proper care, you can enjoy a lush, green sanctuary that grows upwards, adding a new dimension to your gardening experience. Happy gardening!