We are all aware that one of the government’s highest priorities at the moment is dealing with inflation and the cost-of-living crisis. In order for this to happen prices need to come down. Over the last two or three years our industry has faced substantial increased costs (in materials, energy costs and freight) which have inevitably had to be passed on to you, the consumer.

Recent discussions with our suppliers about pricing for next year however have been very encouraging. There is clear evidence that not only have prices peaked, in some instances they have fallen, and we are delighted therefore to announce price reductions in store almost across the board with immediate effect. Depending on the product category, some of the reductions may be more significant than others but we are confident that the pound in your pocket will go further.

The vagaries of the weather continue with the recent unseasonal heat but as Autumn progresses the falling leaves will be accompanied by falling prices! Bulb sales are in full bloom and winter bedding plants are available too, along with everything else you could possibly need to tidy up the garden and prepare for Winter.
The little Narcissi, Tete a Tete, continues to be very popular but, for something different, try the Bulb Of The Year Tulip Lizzy and Daffodil Of The Year Carlton both currently 2 packs for £10 or £6.99 each can be mixed.

Remember too that we have a wonderful range of garden wall art and decorative stakes, including border hooks and crooks for lanterns or bird-feeders, to fill the gaps that are appearing, keeping your garden bright and full of interest throughout the winter. We also have a superb new range of Solar lighting products that really do perform well even during the darker winter months.

For plant protection we have a comprehensive range of fleece jackets, rolls and – a new product to us this year – a fleece tube that can be cut to size providing a more flexible fleece covering for those awkward shapes and sizes.

We have had a shake-up of our bird care department and are now proud to be stocking a good range of Tom Chambers Bird Food. Tom Chambers have a huge affiliation to the UK and produce and manufacture most of their products here using ethical and sustainable materials to deliver the best quality for the best value they can. Do come and see the new ranges in store.

There are some great ‘gift for gardeners’ ideas and even better treats to smarten up your own garden and bird care offering, including their premium bird tables which are sturdy and handsome.

Furthermore, we are currently offering 25% off all Westland’s great range of feeders to help encourage those new to bird feeding or those looking to replace or upgrade their offering.