As we begin to welcome the sunshine filled days it’s time to bring out the vibrant colours and lush foliage of summer bedding plants. Whether you have a spacious border waiting to burst into bloom or limited space for containers and hanging baskets, there’s a plethora of ways to showcase the beauty of these seasonal favourites. Our green house is positively full to the brim with summer bedding!

Summer Bedding for Borders

Create a riot of colour by mixing different types of summer bedding plants in your borders such as petunias, marigolds, begonias, and salvias for a dazzling display. For height and structure, why not incorporate tall plants like foxgloves or delphiniums towards the back of your border to add height and structure. This creates a dynamic visual effect and allows for a varied landscape.

Don’t forget about foliage! Intersperse your flowering plants with foliage plants like hebe’s or ornamental grasses to add texture and contrast.

For continuous floral displays choose a variety of plants with staggered bloom times to ensure continuous colour throughout the summer months, the likes of echinacea, alstroemeria and rudbeckia will continue to bloom well into the autumn.

For theme-based borders, incorporate complementary colour schemes or plant types. For example, a butterfly garden with plants that attract pollinators or a cottage garden with a mix of traditional favourites, such as salvias, astrantia and campanula varieties.

Incorporating Summer Bedding into Containers and Hanging Baskets

For both hanging baskets and containers follow the classic formula of “thriller, filler, spiller” for container planting by including a tall focal point (thriller), mid-sized plants (filler), and trailing plants (spiller). Geraniums, lobelia, and trailing petunias work wonderfully for this.

Mix and match different types of summer bedding plants in one container for a stunning display, pair contrasting or complementary hues for maximum impact.

Utilise vertical spaces in the garden by planting climbing or trailing varieties in hanging baskets or wall-mounted containers. Nasturtiums, trailing fuchsias, and sweet peas are excellent choices for vertical gardening.

Water-wise Containers

Choose drought-tolerant summer bedding plants for containers that receive full sun and may dry out quickly. Succulents, portulaca, and lavender are great options for water-wise gardening.

Remember to deadhead regularly by removing spent flowers to encourage continuous flowering throughout the season. This also helps keep your plants looking tidy and promotes new growth.

It’s also a good idea to feed your plants with a balanced fertiliser every few weeks to keep them healthy and blooming.

With these ideas and tips, you’re well on your way to creating a stunning summer garden that will be the envy of the neighbours. So, grab your trowel and get ready to transform your outdoor space into a colourful paradise.

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