A Mediterranean garden provides a diversity of colours and textures, and yet is very hardy. Incorporating this style garden can make it feel like you’re on holiday all year round, it’s the perfect aesthetic to enjoy the long sunny days and hot, balmy nights (weather permitting of course), al fresco dining, leisurely siestas and gatherings with family and friends. This low maintenance style garden is ideal for those with a south-facing garden, or full sun to partial shade, with moderate protection from the elements.

Assess your Outdoor Space

Pinpoint an area of the garden that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of sun during most of the growing season, Mediterranean plants need full to partial sun and good drainage to thrive. In areas of the garden with poorly draining soil, raised beds or a rockery garden would make an excellent addition.

Remember to take into account the space you will need for characteristic Mediterranean features such as lounging or dining areas, firepits and water features if you wish to incorporate these into your finished space.

Mediterranean Style Shrubs and Plants

There is an emphasis on selecting plants that are fragrant, colourful, offer year-round interest, are drought tolerant, and are easy to care for. Selecting the right plant for the right place is key when creating this type of garden. Mediterranean plants have evolved to enjoy long, sun filled days, so planting in a sunny position will ensure they thrive.

Plants that lend itself to Mediterranean-style and drought-tolerant planting are the likes of lavender, rosemary, santolina, citrus, bottle brush, cistus, agapanthus, bay laurel and caryopteris, many of which also provide plenty of nectar and pollen for visiting insects which helps bring the garden to life.

Create a Mediterranean Oasis with Trees

For a compositional wow factor plant trees like olive trees, palms, eucalyptus, and yucca, they not only provide you with wonderful foliage all year round, but they are also low maintenance and withstand high temperatures.

You should always consider the full height and maturity of any trees that you plant, they may appear small now, but if not properly sized they could overwhelm your garden in a few years.

Characteristic Mediterranean Features

Gravel is great for creating that Mediterranean feel, and because most Mediterranean plants generally prefer nutrient-poor soil there’s no need to overly prepare the soil before planting. Often all that is required is to lay landscape fabric over the soil and cut crosses just large enough to insert each plant through before finally, generously covering with gravel. Typically, the gravel will be a mixture of yellow, cream, and brown tones that will look great in combination with terracotta or vibrantly coloured, patterned pots. We have a variety of outdoor pots and planters outside the front of the garden centre which are perfect for creating stunning visual displays.

To incorporate an element of journey and surprise within this space, a steppingstone pathway leading to a pergola that provides a shaded seating area to entertain your family and friends will suit the Mediterranean theme perfectly. You could add herbs like thyme, rosemary, and lavender in pots around the seating area to provide fragrance or climbing plants against arches or trellis to create height, colour and perfume, star jasmine or wisteria are great options.

To prolong the holiday vibe well into the evening, illuminate the garden with a subtle, dreamy glow by livening up the branches of trees with string lights, adding lanterns or solar stakes.

Garden Furniture for Gathering

Sharing good food in great company is central to Mediterranean culture therefore a large, traditional style outdoor dining table that is conducive to entertaining will suit this theme perfectly. Take a look at our high-quality, luxurious garden furniture that can be found in the Brightwell Building for ideas and inspiration.

You may wish to further adorn your seating area with outdoor rugs, cushions, and throws. To finish, consider placing citronella candles around the table, this will not only keep bugs at bay but also evokes a fresh lemony scent reminiscent of a hot Mediterranean getaway.

Mediterranean Garden Progress

The Mediterranean Garden is certainly looking like somewhere we could see ourselves relaxing on a sunshine filled day. Not only does it look like a tranquil place to be it also smells like one too, with the sweet scent of French lavender and the curry-like scent from the Helichrysum italicum.
The Erysimum is now in full bloom with masses of purple flowers this will grace the garden for months on end.

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