Local Suppliers

As an independent business its important to us to support other local suppliers and artisans. To that end we have an ever expanding offer of artwork, books, greetings cards and other gift products available from some great local people.

Brightwell Bees

If you like honey, then you will love this range of honey from Brightwell Bees, by artisan beekeepers based at Brightwell cum Sotwell, it’s so delicious that it’s flying off the shelves (pun intended).

The beehives are located in the surrounding South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire villages. We stock both set and clear honey and if your quick we also have hand-cut honeycomb which is only available in mid to late summer.

Goats of the Gorge

We are very pleased to stock this lovely handcrafted range of goats milk products, using cruelty free methods by Goats Of the Gorge. This range of creams, soaps, and lotions are also helpful for those who suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis or any other skin conditions too.


Fay ford

We are delighted to stock stunning prints of wildlife and gorgeous illustrated maps of local landmarks, including the Thames Path with its winding course of the river, Wittenham Clumps, and the Shillingford Bridge right here in Walingford.

Tracy Smith

If you are looking for a colourful and intricate piece of artwork for your home, look no further than these incredible prints of original artwork by Fibre Artist, Tracy Smith. Each piece begins with a photograph of a landscape, a park, a beach, or a single flower. A particular favourite of ours is “The Wooden Bridge” which will be familiar to those who walk from Wallingford to Benson alongside the Thames.

Tracy uses a mixture of fibres in her work, primarily dyed merino wool, and places them in fine layers to produce the main image, as if she were painting with them. Further details are added with silks and other wools such as the curly locks of Teeswater sheep.


Annabel Christie

You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy this charming and moving book. “The Guilty Gardener” written by local author Annabel Christie, it is part memoir, part informative gardening journal, and tells the story of Annabel’s rewilding of her Oxfordshire garden.



AJ Warren

Fellow book lovers, if you are looking for a book you just can’t put down, then you’ll love these brilliantly written books by local author AJ Warren!

Colin Wade

There’s nothing like getting lost in a book you can’t put down!  These psychological thrillers written by local author Colin Wade are real page turner’s. Pick up your copy here today!