We have a wonderful selection of gorgeous roses here at Root One, from rose bushes, climbers, miniatures to hybrids teas in array of colours and scents to choose from.

Right now, is the perfect time to plant roses! The soil is still warm, and the plant is preparing for its dormancy by extracting and storing nutrients through its roots ready for the colder months. By focusing their energy on creating a strong and healthy root system this promises a more bountiful bloom in early summer. We recommend Mycorrhizal Fungi ‘Rootgrow’ as its fantastic for optimising nutrient uptake and establishing the root system.

Roses also benefit hugely from mulching each year, and you can also help along repeat-flowering by giving them a summer feed of Afterplant Rose Food in the Spring.
Before planting your rose, find an ideal spot for it in the garden, roses prefer areas with full sun in moist but well drained soil. Shrub roses are perfect for creating interest and structure to a mixed border or a large container. Climbers are great for adding height, one of our favourites is Arthur Bell with its beautifully fragrant golden yellow blooms and dark green waxy foliage, it has good disease resistance and its hardy, what more could you want.

As well as planting, Autumn is also a great time for pruning and training roses.

Remember to cut back any dead or dying growth with clean and disinfected secatuers to reduce the risk of spreading disease. Bypass secatuers are prefect for creating a clean and precise cut to minimise any damage or stress to the stem of the rose or depending on the thickness of the stems you may require anvil secateurs for those hardier, woody, or dead stems. Another important thing to note, is that if the roses have black spot, don’t add the leaves to the compost heap and make sure you clear them from the ground under the roses too.

For tips on how to plant your rose click here.

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