Grow Your Own

We know how rewarding it is to grow and harvest your own fruit and vegetables, not to mention the physical and mental benefits! Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an allotment owner, or simply want to give “growing your own” a go in your own outdoor space (vegetables can be grown in hanging baskets, window boxes and even flower borders after all), our huge range of products will ensure that you’ll have everything you need to get started. From mid-spring we offer a range of vegetable plants including tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, peppers, leeks, peas and sweet peas.

If it’s fruit trees or fruit bushes you are after, we also have a wide variety available, including apples, plums, blueberry, strawberry, gooseberries, and many more! Have you ever wanted to grow your own herb garden? Then we’ve got you covered with our regularly topped up herb selection! For those who prefer to grow their vegetables, herbs, and fruits from seed we have a great range seeds, pots and propagation equipment, seed and gravel trays, grow pots and potting trays. We also have growhouses and propagators (heated and unheated) which are ideal for raising young plants.