With the rapid decline of bees and hedgehogs, it’s all the more important to make our gardens as wildlife friendly as possible. At Root One, we stock a range of wildlife products; from bird feeders, food and tables to hedgehog homes and bug houses! Take a look at our tips below and with just a few simple changes, you could turn your garden into a wildlife haven!


Choosing the right flowers

Choose flowers to provide the bees, butterflies and other insects with pollen and nectar. Ensure to have a range that flower throughout all the seasons, such as the crocus in Spring to the Michaelmas daisy in Autumn and avoid too many with double flowers as these tend to contain little or no pollen or nectar.

Trees and shrubs are important too

Grow a range of trees, shrubs, climbers or even a hedge which will provide both food and a cover for insects and birds. If space is at a premium, pick something like a crab apple, elder, blackthorn or hawthorn.

Add some water

A pond is ideal, but equally a simple container of water will be enough to attract more wildlife. Ensure it has a shallow side so that creatures can easily get out. Most wildlife, such as newts and frogs, like shallower water.

Build a log pile

Create a log pile in a shady spot. This will create a perfect hibernation site and may encourage bugs like the stag and bark beetles.

Feed the birds all year round

Provide the birds with food and water throughout the year. Ensure to position feeders and tables out of direct sunlight and somewhere that isn’t accessible to cats!

Create a patch of meadow

Allow a patch of grass to grow long. You can even sow a packet of wildflower seed to create a mini meadow. This will provide a hiding place for small mammals and the flowers are great for attracting insects.